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How to post a buyer request

Do you wish to post a request under 15ghana? If you have specific requirements for a piece of work/service that you need to be completed by a professional and you want to receive proposals from trusted seller/freelancer then you can post the details in a request. Buyer request is completely FREE!

How to post a buyer request:

  1. Click on the "Post A Request" button you will find after signing in on the site.
  2. Complete the details about your request in the form and click on “Submit Your Request.  Here are some tips for posting a standard request:

Request Title 

Be concise, ideally making it clear the actual service you need.  This information will be displayed in the buyer request listings so you want to make sure it stands out and attracts the best seller/freelancer/freelancer.

Pick a category

Choose the category that most closely relates to your buyer request so that it can easily be found.


The subcategory is linked with the category you will add for your buyer request.

Request Description

This part is key, to get lots of good and realistic proposals, and minimize the number of questions you receive, keep to a couple of paragraphs with specific bullet points. Make sure that you add links and examples to show what you are looking for and to help sellers/freelancers decide if it is something they can actually do. The more details, the better! See it as a buyer request briefing document.

Service budget

Seller/Freelancers have their own rates so they don't want to waste your time if their rates are far from what you are prepared to spend. Make sure you set a realistic indication and be aware of just setting a very low budget, you will find that the best sellers/freelancers won't send you proposals and the old adage is often true: you get what you pay for.

Contact information

Sharing contact information with seller/freelancer is not allowed by our Terms of Service.  This could also cause your Buyer Request to be rejected.  Please do not include any contact information in your Request or attachments. 

Where does the service provider need to work from?  

Here you can specify if the buyer request requires onsite work, or if you are happy to work with service providers remotely if so, you can even specify from which location/country.


What happens next?

Once posted, your buyer request undergoes some automated checks to make sure that it meets 15ghana policies before being promoted to all sellers/freelancers in the buyer request listings and in email notifications.

You would quickly start to receive proposals from sellers/freelancers, you will receive an email notification so that you can log in to your 15ghana inbox, view their proposals and hopefully find your ideal seller/freelancer.

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